Save the Couth Buzzard!

Greetings, friends — we are humbled by your heartfelt response to our closing announcement. It has been an overwhelming few days, during which some circumstances have changed, and some community members have mobilized. With their help, we are attempting to make it through for at least the next several months.

These “Friends Of The Buzzard” describe themselves as “a group of people who love the Couth Buzzard and whose lives have been changed by the bonds and friendships [they]’ve made there.” This group of extraordinary volunteers have helped us time and again — and now with a renewed purpose and a new set of helpers, they aim to help us secure (and sustain) the store’s future.

The fundraiser above is for rent and expenses for at least the next several months. It is Phase 1 — a way to buy time as we formulate a new, more sustainable business plan. We would all like to see the Buzzard thrive again, and this is the first in a series of measures intended to make that happen.

Thank you for your support, both financial and emotional, as we navigate this uncharted terrain. We hope to laugh, sing, write, and share with you on the other side.