Who We Are

Building Community

Building community — one cup, one book, one note at a time– this has been our motto and our goal since 1988, when the original Couth Buzzard Books location opened in Wallingford. The following year, it moved to its first home in Greenwood, and became a mainstay of the neighborhood for decades to come.

Founders Gerry Lovchik and Marilyn Stauter wanted a name reminiscent of a British pub, using the letters C and B (for coffee and books). Eventually they united the concept of the buzzard — nature’s great recycler, a nod to the used book trade — with a middle English word meaning “well-mannered” to indicate that this bird would be a polite plunderer. And thus, the Couth Buzzard was born. The store’s logo was designed in Gerry’s image, with his characteristic spectacles and paunch. Most importantly, the cartoonish vulture was emblematic of Gerry’s humor and friendly nature, which customers still remember fondly today.

The store’s current owner, Theo Dzielak, initially served as store manager. As recently described in this Stranger article, “Dzielak…bought [the store] from Lovchik in 2008 after its lease was lost [to make way for Ken’s Market’s expansion], and he reopened the following year at [our current location of] 8310 Greenwood Avenue. Penny Wright moved her cafe, Espresso Buono, into the store in the same transaction, co-owning the business with Dzielak until 2012.” Gerry passed away in 2013, but the store itself has since evolved into a much-beloved music, event, and gathering space, attracting a community of quirky, creative, loyal customers who are the reason the Buzzard has been able to fly for so many years. We strive to live up to the promise of our motto, and invite you with open arms, open wings, and open books to become part of our community!


Open Daily!
10am – 9:00pm


Couth Buzzard Books
8310 Greenwood Ave N
Seattle, WA 98103


(206) 436-2960

For questions about booking and reservations, please contact couthbuzzard@gmail.com.